Out of Eden?

What does Genesis say about where we have come from, and where we are going?

Image: Expulsions from Eden, 1826. (Public domain) You can find out about Thomas Cole and his painting at https://collections.mfa.org/objects/33060

Adam and Eve by Edvard Munch, 1915


We receive God’s revelation of Creation ‘in the middle’ as Bonhoeffer puts it, so our understanding is necessarily conveyed in human words and imagery. How strong a vessel might these words prove to be?

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You may or may not take seriously the suggestion that the Bible is, in some way, a letter -even a love letter- which addresses us directly, and invites our responses. In any case, please do accept this invitation to dialogue. Let’s talk together!

Different types of butterflies and moths illustrated by Charles Dessalines D’ Orbigny (1806-1876). The 1892 edition of Dictionnaire Universel D’histoire Naturelle.


God is, and God is Creator. God’s good creation has creativity built into it. Darwin said that God clearly has ‘an inordinate fondness for beetles.’ He knew this as he had spent many hours catching them. I’d rather we create new and good things together and then set them free.

Creation stories, so central to the religions of the Middle East, play a surprisingly marginal part in Greek myth. The Greeks had nothing to set alongside the resounding ‘In the beginning’ in the book of Genesis, where one eternal God creates the universe out of nothing.

Neil Macgregor

What are the relationships between revelation and story, or between scripture and narrative?

The Bible starts with Genesis, the first of the Five books of Moses. The whole Bible has been described as ‘His story’ rather than ‘history’. Is our concept of genre big enough to describe what the Judeo-Christian scriptures are?

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I am a Christian and student of science, religion and culture. I am developing a theology of creation that is rooted in the whole of Genesis, the entire biblical revelation and engages with wider Christian tradition.

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