These Easter Days: A Week of New Creation

Unbounded God, All in All

Withdrew from a space to give us Free

Then the first days made open, Empty

into which God spoke fulness; thus Complete again.

Sealed with a sabbath Rest,

Transcendent through Incarnation into this Creation Garden

with us and the weeds.

On the first Day, the would-be king came humbly on a donkey

Hosannas and waving fronds filled the air.

Now saddle and streets are empty.

Another Day, the would-be Lord washed dusty feet and dried them with a towel

Now bowl and cloth lie abandoned, while others wait for service.

He broke the Bread, and passed The Cup

That supper now is eaten.

On this Day the olive Garden was filled with fellowship

Son of Man with man, God with God, and in that evening, sleep. Awake!

Here comes the deceived accuser

offering false kisses.

The children of the night work in the darkness, pushing the son of Man into cells and

court rooms, filled with tricksters and false testimony.

But the fruit of evil can be uncreated by a word with the Father

For-give them, for they know Not what they are Doing.

On This Day the crown of thorns was filled with his sacred Head

yet that circle now is empty, the wounds become a font of Healing.

The road to the east of Zion filled with the persevering steps of God and Man made One

Son of Man and Simon of Cyrene.

And this Week was made complete by the seven sayings. Not

by temporary nails.

It was the fulness of His Love that put him there. And now

It is Finished!

And now the cup of wrath is emptied.

His spirit given Up

Cross emptied; His body broken

Blood and water


The Arimathean tomb is filled and sealed before the Feast

for this is Very Good, they said.

The next Day seemed to be filled with doubts and death

but one and then the other will surely be Undone

On the great Day of Easter Light

speaks and says Behold

The sealed tomb is emptied

He is not here. He is risen!

This new week of Freedom from deception and despair

now begins with Hope that we now glimpse and understand:

Our Immanent God will now be Present with us

filling All in All

in every Day.

What can we co-create with Christ?

In the fulness of His Spirit,

God and Man brought together, One

sealed to the end.

(c) 2022 Stephen Thompson

Published by Stephen Thompson

Thinking inside the box is to be recommended for many reasons. I am creating this blog in May 2020 as we are encouraged to stay inside our boxes as far as possible, though we are allowed out- encouraged out, indeed- for exercise. By blogging, our thinking can also be allowed out for public exercise. Right now we need new thinking, new exercising of our mental faculties, and collective application of our thinking to the big idea of a healthy collective future. I am trialling my thinking in constructive theology, science and leadership in the light of my experience as a science teacher, theological student and as a representative of the Christian community in the county of Kent, in the UK. I welcome your partnership!

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