A prison of possibilities.

A prison of hope? Could there be such a place? Artist Saif Mhaisen seems to think so, and I agree. Indeed, against the views of Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins, while we are imprisoned on this good Earth by our biology, this ‘prison’ is more a place of possibilities.

The Apocalypse comes to Ukraine- scaling up faith in the worldview of Daniel 7.

What lessons can we learn and what encouragements might we glean from Daniel 7; the Four beasts and the Heavenly Court. What is the worldview of Daniel and what aid might this give in praying for Ukraine and the wider implications of Putin’s war?

A TIME FOR WAR and a time for Shalom

In praying for Ukraine and Russia we can draw lessons from Ecclesiastes 3 and John 18. Strategic intercession can vitally support a just war.

Psalm 144: What is man, and what are our sons and daughters? Forming the people of God in action.

Psalm 144 offers a means to develop insight into our co-creating relationship with God, fragile and passing though we are as mortals. With David we discover that gender equality can be a foundational principle for developing culture and a sustainable economy. Dialogue between the church and the world can lead to blessing.

COP26 Pope Francis to the ‘Conference of Parties’ and the World: Analysis

Here is the text from the Vatican released by the BBC on 29 10 21: Climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic have exposed our deep vulnerability and raised numerous doubts and concerns about our economic systems and the way we organize our societies. We have lost our sense of security, and are experiencing a senseContinue reading “COP26 Pope Francis to the ‘Conference of Parties’ and the World: Analysis”

COP26 Intercession with Hannah: Considered, timely and URGENT.

The twenty sixth ‘Conference of Parties’ in Glasgow continues through Friday night into Saturday as I write. Live reports from the Blue Zone describe delegation leaders striding from room to room as they seek to collate a final text that’s agreeable to all, while the pleas of national leaders whose lands are disappearing beneath theContinue reading “COP26 Intercession with Hannah: Considered, timely and URGENT.”

Sense in the Ending

As we met to pray this week, the media news was full of the sudden change of political fortunes in Afghanistan, displacing the plethora of accounts of fires, smoke and flooding from the days before1, although further forest blazes broke out in the south of France, where double-jabbed Brits had driven to enjoy their summerContinue reading “Sense in the Ending”

Intercession with the Watchers over the Climate Apocalypse

God has taken Daniel on a deeper journey in God’s Spirit, that opens living channels of communication between earth and heaven, initiates a dialogue of prayer into the heavenlies over globally significant situations, and directs his Spirit-filled life into counsel and watchful insight at crucial seasons of change, even, at divinely appointed moments, into the most secret and senior offices of state and power. The invitation implicit in this scripture is that God intends for us to be there too.

Co-creating community as a Body running together

Under the heading, “Everyday Justice: Life-Changing Advocacy,” Matt Jolley at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity writes, 1 Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob,    whose hope is in the LORD their God. He is the Maker of heaven and earth,    the sea, and everything in them –    he remains faithful for ever.He upholds the cause of theContinue reading “Co-creating community as a Body running together”