The Apocalypse comes to Ukraine- scaling up faith in the worldview of Daniel 7.

What lessons can we learn and what encouragements might we glean from Daniel 7; the Four beasts and the Heavenly Court. What is the worldview of Daniel and what aid might this give in praying for Ukraine and the wider implications of Putin’s war?

Interceding with the men of Issachar.

What ‘understanding of the times’ do we need as we pray for our world and for the Russian-caused crisis in Ukraine? How might Joseph, Nehemiah and Daniel all help us understand what the Church can do, how we can pray, and what co-creating the future might look like right now? How key is seeking prophetic gifts in this season? God originally spoke light into reality- now He calls us to be the Light of the World in transformative unity.

Pray for Ukraine.

King Jehoram’s captain challenges Elisha: Can God make windows in heaven? Elisha shows us that the answer can be Yes, though this way is a great test of our faith and discipleship as co-creators of the future with God, in and beyond Ukraine and Russia.

A TIME FOR WAR and a time for Shalom

In praying for Ukraine and Russia we can draw lessons from Ecclesiastes 3 and John 18. Strategic intercession can vitally support a just war.

Psalm 144: What is man, and what are our sons and daughters? Forming the people of God in action.

Psalm 144 offers a means to develop insight into our co-creating relationship with God, fragile and passing though we are as mortals. With David we discover that gender equality can be a foundational principle for developing culture and a sustainable economy. Dialogue between the church and the world can lead to blessing.

On the threshold of Life: Death in Genesis.

The God who self-reveals as the Creator of Life in Genesis 1 is also the One who announces death. But this revelation is given in the prior context of the gift of Life and a mode of living that could, in principle, surpass death even before such an ending is contemplated. The burial tombs of the patriarchs are portals to the New Creation.

Psalm 113: The LORD in action in God’s cosmos.

The worldview of Ps 113 shows God who is above and yet with God’s world. God doesn’t need to share our concerns, yet chooses to, and wills that we do the same.

The Gospel According to Moses & Jesus (Whymanity Research and Training,Maidstone 2021-22) Crispin Fletcher-Louis: Pre-course questions.

Before this course starts, attendees are invited to think about these questions: [and consider whether your answers are based on some text or theological truth found in the Old Testament.]Here are my considerations, presented as ‘thinking out loud’ for your encouragement and as a prompt to your own thinking. “We have a duty to lookContinue reading “The Gospel According to Moses & Jesus (Whymanity Research and Training,Maidstone 2021-22) Crispin Fletcher-Louis: Pre-course questions.”