This I know, for the Bible tells me so. His name is George Floyd, and yes, I am my brother’s keeper

The first anniversary of George Floyd’s passing is on Tuesday 25th May. In this chapter length article, I reflect on the lessons we might draw from the Genesis account of Cain, Abel and Lamech and the tragic events in Minneapolis a year ago. The biblical account also makes passing comment about the progress of civilisation and posts some clues about law and order in society, which I consider in regard to developments in space exploration and the US presidency.

Suddenly, I notice I am being followed.

Genesis 3: 22-24 Reading Genesis is hard for many reasons. We are often blind to the assumptions we’ve been schooled in. It’s so easy to read any familiar passage of scripture, automatically returning to yesterday’s manna, chewing over the same aspect of the truth that spoke powerfully to us in an earlier Day. Sure, thereContinue reading “Suddenly, I notice I am being followed.”